Does It Make a Difference Which Trim I Choose on the Ford Edge?

The Ford Edge mid-sized SUV is designed to carry five people comfortably. The Ford Edge comes in four trim levels and seven configurations. Both the trim level and the configuration of the vehicle has a bearing on the vehicle’s performance.

The Edge trim levels are SE, SEL Titanium, and Sport. Of these trims, the SE, SEL, and Titanium come in two configurations—front-wheel drive and All-wheel drive. The Sport only comes with All-wheel drive. The driving conditions in your area should be taken into consideration when choosing whether you choose a Front-wheel drive or an All-wheel drive vehicle. Dry conditions do not demand All-wheel drive, while wet conditions or freezing conditions almost dictate the necessity of All-wheel drive for your safety.

At Ron Carter Ford in Alvin, TX, we display each trim and each configuration of the Ford Edge.

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