Oil Change Schedules Depend on Vehicle Manufacturer Recommendations

You’re probably under the assumption that having your engine oil changed every 3,000 miles is the best thing for your vehicle, but we have some great news that could save you money and time! The general rule of having an oil change every 3,000 miles is outdated and no longer applies to the majority of vehicles currently being manufactured!

Of course, you should always check your owner’s manual for the recommended specifications; however, there is a very good probability of finding that your oil can be changed at longer intervals such as every 7,000 miles or every 10,000 miles. In fact, depending on the vehicle there are some manufacturers that extend the recommendation even further.

When you want to establish a regular schedule for an oil change, make an appointment online with Ron Carter Ford by using our service scheduler, or call us. Our service department is located in Alvin, TX.

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