Ford Taurus - A Great Vehicle for All Ages

The Ford Taurus is a popular full-size sedan that makes an ideal car for any age. Young drivers today are often very picky about the vehicles they drive. When your teen driver experiences the power and performance of the Taurus and checks out all the technology features, he or she will be begging you to drive it.

You’ll all love the adaptive cruise control, which automatically slows down the car if it detects drivers in front of you slowing down and reverts back to the normal speed when necessary. With SYNC®3, you can connect your iPhone or Android device and experience all the technology you’re used to when you’re driving.

Whether you’re finding your favorite store, listening to music, sending texts or retrieving voicemail, it can all be done safely from the touchscreen. The Ford+Alexa even allows you to shop on Amazon or monitor your Smart devices at home from the car.



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