Operate the Ford Expedition Like A Pro on Rough Terrain

Because the Ford Expedition has a solid suspension system and professional-grade damping hardware, it can travel on rugged terrain with ease. This Ford vehicle doesn't slow down when it's operated in areas that have stumps, trenches, and debris since the suspension system and damping components work well together throughout challenging driving situations.

The Ford Expedition can travel on uneven terrain quickly and efficiently. As the frame rolls over slanted land, the rear suspension system makes adjustments to reduce shock in the cabin. Both rear wheels are attached to hardware that tilts, and this adjustable feature helps the Expedition clear obstacles without decreasing its engine speed and torque.

When the Ford Expedition is driven on challenging paths, the Continuously Controlled Damping system activates. CCD is very helpful because it uses electronic sensors to monitor specific motions. If the Expedition isn't performing well, the damping system will make an adjustment to improve handling.

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