Consider the New Ford C-Max for Versatile Transportation

Hybrids are definitely all of the rage these days, but some consumers might still be a bit skeptical. "Do they sacrifice quality for that great gas mileage?" they might wonder. Well, when it comes to the Ford C-Max Hybrid, we here at Ron Carter Ford can confidently say that "No, they do not." Just consider the great smart features of this Ford hybrid for starters:

Smart Gauge with EcoGuide

This feature on your Ford C-Max will give you a number of important customizable LCD displays to help you optimize your driving habits. These would include such things as an energy coach, energy efficiency leaves, and other models to help you save money with your driving history.

Active Park Assist

This useful available feature can aid you in finding a place to park. They enlist the aid of sensors to compare other vehicles from the curb and ask you whether you would like to proceed once they find a spot. The best thing about this is that you are in complete control of the whole process.

Does the Ford C-Max Hybrid sound interesting to you? If so, come in to Ron Carter Ford and take one of these new marvels out for a test drive today!



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