Countless Options With the Ford Transit Passenger Wagon

If you need to transport a lot of passengers, whether it's because you have a large family or your own a business that needs to shuttle guests, you should look to the Ford Transit passenger wagon. This popular full-size wagon has several features that make it versatile enough to suit a wide variety of purposes.

In this wagon, you can have seating for 2, 5, or 14 passengers. So if you need to haul hotel guests to a restaurant or your children and their friends to the soccer game, you're covered. The long version can seat up to 15 passengers. But you can also use this wagon as a truck for your plumbing business by using only the two-seat version.

You can also use it as a conversion van. Bring the comforts of home on the road by adding the third-row sofa bed and a flatscreen television. You can even make it into a motorhome with a kitchen, bath, and beds.



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