Who is Eligible for this Incentive?

To be eligible, students must meet one of the below requirements:

  • Active College/Trade School Students:
    Student is enrolled Full-time OR Half-time based on the specifications of an accredited Four-Year College/University, Junior College, Community College, or Trade School that the student is attending

  • Active Graduate Students:
    Student is currently enrolled based on the specifications of an accredited Graduate School program

  • Recent College Graduates:
    Student has graduated and is within 3 years from their date of graduation. For example, student graduates May 6, 2017 - they will be eligible until May 31, 2020. A student graduated on May 4, 2015, they are eligible through May 31, 2018.

  • High School Seniors or Recent High School Graduates with a letter of intent to attend a qualifying university:
    Student must have completed all requirements for graduation to qualify using an anticipated or future graduation date, and have can provide Letter of Intent to attend a qualified university.

  • College Student Internships Participants, Trade School Apprenticeships and Medical Student residencies now qualify with the following restrictions:
    Student has attended or will attend college classes again between May 1, 2015 and January 2, 2019.

You're Eligible! Now What?

In order to receive the $500 discount, you must provide one of the following:

  • Proof of enrollment (copy of class schedule, copy of transcript, letter from the registrar's office confirming enrollment).
  • For incoming Freshmen, a letter of intent no more than 6 months old will be accepted.
  • Copy of degree/diploma
  • Letter from registrar's office stating graduation date and type of degree earned. You must have completed all graduation requirements.
  • Copy of final transcript confirming graduation date and type of degree earned.

For more details please visit www.FordDrivesU.com & www.FordCredit.com

*Program #36814 -$500 Bonus Cash for current college students and recent college graduates who purchase or lease an eligible new 2018/2019/2020 model year Ford or Lincoln vehicle. Must take retail delivery from dealer stock by January 2, 2020. Not available on Mustang Shelby GT350®, Mustang Shelby® GT350R, Mustang BULLITT, Ford GT, Focus RS, F-150 Raptor, 2018/2019/2020 model year Lincoln Navigator, Aviator, and Aviator GT. May not be used with other Ford or Lincoln private offers. Limit of 5 new eligible vehicle purchases or leases. U.S. residents only. See dealer for complete details and eligibility.